We simplify the complexity of the digital world to provide businesses with a complete smart service platform to support value added services. Our platform allows Application Programming Interface (API) to independently build interlays of vertical services development. This aids in integrating and constantly enhancing the functionalities of the applications according to the needs of a business. We are shifting the face of digital interactions by making it smarter for businesses.

Creating consistent intelligent technological upgrades for optimised business efficiency.




A platform where users are able to keep track their health record, better understand on their health status, be more involved in their healthcare decisions and able to share their health information.

iSSEF Prime

A horizontal framework that can bring or connect devices, services and data together. Built to run on cloud services, users are able to create new smart services quickly.


A modern event management app built for managing teams and users in any event. The layout and features can be customized easily thanks to its modular and flexible backend platform, developed in TM R&D. The admin portal allows the event organizer to easily update the content, and get insights of the event via the analytics module.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (Aura) was adopted by TM as a medium to exchange information internally. After becoming a local success, Aura was introduced worldwide.


Integrated Smart Service Framework

A horizontal framework that aims to bring together and build new services from heterogeneous smart services that includes Smart Buildings, Safety and Security System, Smart Health System and Smart Home System. This system provides data and interfaces to connected services, enabling creation of value added applications that can be targeted to enterprise and end-users.