Translating today's research for tomorrow's development

Understanding the challenges faced in commercialising a new IP, we believe you should not have to reinvent the wheel to break into the market with the next big product or service. Entrepreneurs are welcomed to collaborate, so we may create a greater end-product to market with our R&D and your business goals.

Products Commercialised

smart helmet

Smart Safety Helmet

An award winning innovation that combines communication, collaboration and most importantly safety features. The Smart Safety Helmet also allows geo-fencing, equipped with SOS button and supervisory alert enabling the workforce to be more productive, efficient and effective.

Smart Vehicles

A unique solution that imbeds machine learning and AI to detect driver's driving behavior, fuel consumption, vehicle condition and service maintenance requirements.

Smart Water Management System

An internet of water solution developed to improve water utilisation and management in a country. This platform has built in algorithms to predict consumption, water leakages, non-revenue water, water quality and water level alerts in dams or rivers.

Smart Retails Analytics

An award winning innovation that helps businesses improve customer experience and increase sales in a physical premise by providing information on demographics, average waiting time, purchasing behavior & customer emotion detection.

Open Innovation Platform

A multi-layer digital infrastructure that creates an ecosystem for the creation of new revenue opportunities. It serves as a data brokerage system, an API aggregation platform and an e2e IOT platform for rapid deployment of smart services.

PSmart Workforce

An intelligent workforce management system from TM R&D that aims to improve operational efficiency and provide first-class customer experience by automating the field teams daily tasks assignment. The platform is equipped with a genetic algorithm engine that intelligently processes tasks based on symptoms and assigns the tasks to the best-fit field force team.

We also offer

If you have a great idea but not sure how to execute them, then let us help you out with our end-to-end technology consulting and IT services. 

With our proven expertise we offer selective QA and testing services to help telecommunication equipment manufacturers to meet critical performance goals. The tests were conducted according to national and international standards. These services cover but are not limited to the following domains:


ITU-T K.21 Acceptance Test

IEC 60068Environmental Durability Test

We work towards ensuring optimal internet service efficiency.

We simplify the complexity of the digital world to provide businesses with a complete smart service platform to support value added services.

E3- Infra provides seamless and proficient service innovations for businesses. Customising network automation for each service, we make business operations as simple as possible.

we work towards developing tools that aid in achieving a lean and optimised workforce.

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