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Award-Winning Smart Safety Helmet

A data driven smart industrial grade safety helmet. It is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that helps to make worksites a safer place by providing a live, wireless monitoring and array of sensors to perform various analysis of data.

Smart Water Management Solutions

Smart Water Integrated
Management System

An Internet of water solution that offers a seamless end-to-end smart water management system for non-revenue water management, optimises repair and replacement of ageing infrastructure. This solution also improves the response to weather events such as flooding or pollution through smart water level and water quality measurements.

Fast Internet for All

Fast Internet for All (FIRA) is an innovative fixed wireless access (FWA) solution. It incorporates advanced high gain MIMO antennas to improve signal quality and extend coverage range. It also implements smart utilisation of two LTE streams to increase download and upload capacity and speed.

Early Warning Alert and Response

An all-in-one contactless thermal screening solution for both crowded areas with 10-15 simultaneous readings and precise 1-on-1 screening for entry and exit points.

Smart WorkForce

A multi-tenant workforce management solution developed for enterprises. The solution focused on dispatching a field forced team to  designated sites based on multiple criteria set by an automated assignment engine.

The Service Exchange Platform

A multi-layer digital infrastructure that creates an ecosystem for the creation of new revenue opportunities. It serves as a data brokerage system, an API aggregation platform and an e2e IoT platform for rapid deployment of smart services.

Analytics of Customer Experience

ACE is a platform that analyses customer’s experience and footfall within a physical premise and offers advices to enhance that experience. With ACE, retailers are able to improve customer’s experience in addition to solidifiying sales and brand loyalty as the platform supports customised services, targeted advertising and visitor visibility.

5G Test Lab Consultation & Services​

Our expertise in technologies and processes, strong global network of technology partners helps in quick adaption and mastering of new technologies such as SD Access, 5G etc as well as pioneering of new enablement models for our customers.

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