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We are constantly exploring, innovating and working towards improving connectivity with any technology related to the telecommunication network. Our work has granted us patents from all over the world.

Our Research


We work towards ensuring optimal internet service efficiency.
This is done via:

- Ultra-high bandwidth connectivity;
- Thorough accessibility;
- Almost-perfect reliability;
- All at a minimal cost to our users!

We are constantly exploring, innovating and working towards improving connectivity with any technology related to the telecommunication network. Our work has granted us patents from all over the world.

Digital Services

We simplify the complexity of the digital world to provide businesses with a complete smart service platform to support value added services. Our platform allows Application Programming Interface (API) to independently build interlays of vertical services development. This aids in integrating and constantly enhancing the functionalities of the applications according to the needs of a business. We are shifting the face of digital interactions by making it smarter for businesses.

E3 Infra

E3- Infra provides seamless and proficient service innovations for businesses. Customising network automation for each service, we make business operations as simple as possible. We provide a path for businesses to do what they do best without having to worry about operations.

Productivity Tools

"We believe in riding the wave to reach the customers before they need us." Keeping that close to our hearts, we work towards developing tools that aid in achieving a lean and optimised workforce. We don't just stop there; our quality improvement services keeps us updated to the current trends and needs of the workforce. Allowing us to develop services and delivering before it is needed. Come ride the wave with us so that your business is always two steps ahead of the industry.

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Industrial Design
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Research Highlights

Radio Over Fibre

Green Fibre Wireless operates based on millimetre wave (mm-wave) Radio over Fibre (RoF) that acts as a complementary access network for Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) deployment. It has four patents granted in the United States, Japan and Malaysia.

Visible Light Communictions

Visible Light Communication is a green technology application that provides a comprehensive low power energy saving illumination device and wireless communication network.

Passive Optical Network

A point to multipoint optical access network that provides high bandwidth service to users.

Gigabyte Fast Access to the Subscibers Terminal

To verify and validate the high speed digital subscriber line (VDSL2) performance at Sub-Urban Broadband (SUBB) areas and explores VDSL vectoring and gigabyte fast access to the subscriber terminal based on copper cable characteristics and network study.

Green Modelling of New Eco-System in xDSL Technology

xDigital Subssciber Line (xDSL)

A concept of redesigning last mile network and infrastructure towards higher bandwidth and lower operational costs. The hybrid concept of copper and fibre will bring full potential of internet to all users with cost effective and efficient infrastructure.

Smart Safety

Wearable safety tool which enable hands-free communication, emergency response, personal real-time tracking, injury detection and remote assistive support.

Analytics Experiences

Retail analytics tool with capability to enable customized service, targeted advertising, visitor visibility, brand loyalty and cross channel consistency.

Connected Vehicles

Vehicle tracking tool which enable real-time tracking, engine fault detection, accident recording, vehicle performance, driver behavior logging and route suggestion.

Integrated Smart Service Framework

A horizontal framework that aims to bring together and build new services from heterogeneous smart services that includes Smart Buildings, Safety and Security System, Smart Health System and Smart Home System. This system provides data and interfaces to connected services, enabling creation of value added applications that can be targeted to enterprise and end-users.

Wi-Fi Optimizer

This award winning tool enable clients to identify WiFi performance issues and solve them without necessitating a call to customer services. It can simulate different types of traffic, such as Web browsing, or video streaming, in order to improve diagnosis.

Workforce Management System

Created by us and is currently being used in real-life workforce situations.

Big Data

We vigorously engage in Big Data knowledge transfer with local universities as well as industry experts.

Cable Anti-Theft

A patented cable anti-theft system to protect telecommunication overhead (OH) copper cable from theft. It comprises of devices attached to the OH copper cable and connected to the remote terminal unit (RTU) inside the telecommunication cabinet.

Smart City

Creating cities that uses information and communication technology to be more intelligent and efficient with the usage of resources.

M2M & IoT

Combining these two, we have unleashed innovative potential to data gathering, predictive analytics and IT automations

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