Life at TM R&D is all about creating technology you believe in while having fun. We are equipped with the platform and opportunities so you can contribute to the nation and also change the world. Push yourself to think out of the box, broaden your expertise and create waves within the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry, all great reasons to consider your future with us!

Live by Innovation.


Innovation is an integral part of our daily regime. Partnered with an amazing blend of cutting-edge technology and dynamic individuals, we work towards unleashing potentials and pushing talents to their limits.


With 300 members in our family, we are rich with knowledge and expertise that we are more than happy to share. Among our areas of expertise are:

  • LTE
  • WiFi
  • FTTH
  • RoF
  • VLC
  • DSL/Copper
  • IOT/M2M
  • Big Data

Available Vacancies

No. Position(Please click each position for details) Research Expertise
1. Principal Researcher Backend
2. Principal Researcher Data Science
3. Senior Researcher Backend
4. Researcher Backend
5. Researcher Data Science
6. Researcher Mobile
7. Researcher Security
8. Researcher Web UI/UX

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