Month: January 2020

Exceptional Solution, On Demand

Gerbang Langkawi Platform at 5GCC @ Langkawi

“Gerbang Langkawi Platform (GLP) which is essentially a cloud-based dashboard allows users to monitor all services in one place. Being a cloud application, GLP can actually be accessed pretty much everywhere through mobile devices, not just within the wall of 5GCC”… “Open Innovation Platform (OIP) is technology-agnostic and robust enough to cater to the specific…
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TM inks collaboration with 8 partners for 5GDP in Langkawi

5GDP MoC Signing Ceremony – A proud moment for TM R&D. All 8 partners are using either one or multiple solutions from TM R&D. 6 out of 11 use cases from TM R&D supports the smart city vertical. Our solutions provide smarter insights for businesses to help them grow. Out of TM R&D’s 8 MoC…
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