Author: Corp Comm

TM R&D CEO in ‘Simposium Wanita Dalam Pengajian Tinggi 2021’

TM R&D CEO Dr. Sharlene Thiagarajah recently participated in the Simposium Wanita Dalam Pengajian Tinggi 2021 Panel Session entitled Wanita Dalam Akademik Dan Penyelidikan organised by the Ministry of Higher Education, Universiti Sains Malaysia and Department of Women Development (Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development). The panel session also featured two other renowned speakers…
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EWAR: Early Warning, Alerts and Response

The Covid-19 pandemic has spread to the rest of the world, causing a huge impact on the global economy, social and mental health. EWAR developed by TM R&D, goes beyond a traditional contactless temperature screening solution, bringing powerful capabilities of screening large crowds and a host of other video analytics based applications. Find out how…
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CENTURION: Self-service security scan automation

In today‚Äôs challenging technology driven world, Malaysians are now more concerned about cyber security issues like data breaches, scams and worse, hackers! Thus, knowing how to protect our information more securely and instantaneously has become extremely vital. Centurion is a “self-service security scan automation” that provides code check-up against vulnerabilities and many other threats. Find…
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