FIRA, Fast Internet for Rural Area

Offering high-speed, reliable internet connectivity to rural and suburban areas, bridging the digital divide in today's digital age


What is FIRA?


FIRA is designed to bring high-speed broadband to consumers in rural and suburban locales. It leverages advanced features and remote monitoring capabilities to ensure consistent, high-quality internet access. 

The core principle of how FIRA brings high-speed internet services to rural areas is by leveraging existing 4G signals to provide high-speed broadband of up to 5 km distance depending on signal quality and terrain profile, reducing the need to install new base stations. The system boasts a state-of-the-art dashboard that provides real-time insights into network health, usage patterns, and potential issues. 

FIRA aims to democratise internet access, ensuring that rural communities with FIRA enjoy the same internet privileges as their urban counterparts.

Product Features


Remote Monitoring

FIRA's dashboard offers a comprehensive network view, allowing real-time monitoring and swift resolution of issues.


Advanced Connectivity

Leveraging available 4G LTE signals, FIRA ensures seamless connectivity even in areas with traditionally weak signals. Additionally, FIRA uses two LTE connections with load balancing to increase distance and download/upload speed, ensuring minimal interruption and seamless wireless communication services.



High-Gain Directional MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) Antenna

This built-in feature captures weak LTE signals from distant towers, thus enhancing rural wireless internet access.

FIRA's High-Speed Solution for Enhanced Rural Broadband Access

Developed by the innovative minds at TM R&D, FIRA aspires to be a beacon of progress in rural internet connectivity. The benefits of FIRA are transformative for remote communities that have long grappled with subpar internet speeds. Beyond attaining the fast speed of the internet, it places a significant emphasis on the stability and reliability of the connection.

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FIRA is adept at leveraging available 4G LTE signals, bypassing the need for traditional broadband infrastructure that might be absent or outdated in many rural areas, leading to patchy or even loss of coverage. FIRA's advanced technology can tap into faint 4G LTE signals. This means that rural residents can now access high-speed broadband, given that the region’s coverage is sparse or traditionally unreliable.

Its ability to capture weak LTE signals from distant towers ensures that users in remote locations are not left at the mercy of sporadic and unreliable internet connections.

Cost-Effective Wireless Satellite Connectivity for Rural Communities

One of the standout features of FIRA is its cost-effectiveness. It allows operators to roll out high-speed broadband without significantly changing their existing network strategy. This minimises deployment risks and ensures that the rollout is swift and efficient.

The strategic decision to avoid greenfield sites, while offering a blank slate for development, often comes with a host of challenges, including higher initial investment costs, regulatory hurdles, and extended deployment timelines.

By sidestepping these pitfalls, operators can realise substantial savings on Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) and Operational Expenditures (OPEX). These also translate to faster deployment times and reduced logistical challenges.

Its cost-effectiveness and state-of-the-art features position FIRA as the ideal solution for bringing high-speed internet to rural areas, ensuring that these communities are not left behind in the digital age.

FIRA's Dual Connectivity for High-Speed WiFi Solution at Its Best

FIRA's technological prowess is evident in its ability to offer simultaneous double connections to 4G FDD and combination of FDD and TDD networks. FDD and TDD are two different methods of implementing duplex communication in wireless networks, which is the ability to transmit and receive data simultaneously on the same frequency band. This benefits telecommunication operators as they can use their current spectrum licenses instead of applying additional licenses.

The dual connectivity feature, coupled with load balancing, ensures that the Quality-of-Service (QOS) for end customers is top-notch, with minimal disruptions and high-speed connectivity.

Bridging the Rural Connectivity Gap with FIRA Network

The digital divide between urban and rural areas has been a longstanding issue. Reliable broadband access is no longer a luxury but a necessity, especially in today's interconnected world. FIRA addresses this need for digital inclusion head-on, ensuring that rural areas can rapidly adopt the much-needed solution.

FIRA is committed to becoming a catalyst to transform every rakyat in our beloved country into a highly digitalised nation, beginning with unparalleled access to high-speed internet without barriers.

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