TM Installs EWAR at MAEPS Quarantine and Treatment Centre in Continuous Fight Against COVID-19

TM R&D’s innovative solution helps in early detection of high temperature among medical teams and frontliners

As part of its contribution for the fight against COVID-19, Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) through its innovation arm, TM Research & Development (TM R&D) recently deployed its innovative solution called Early Warning, Alert & Response or “EWAR” to help in the screening of high temperature amongst medical teams and frontliners at the quarantine and treatment centre for COVID-19 cases at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park (MAEPS), Serdang.

EWAR is TM R&D’s latest commercial solution that is able to measure and mass detect individuals with high body temperature in crowded areas. High temperature is amongst the initial symptom to look out for in potential detection of viral diseases. EWAR is developed with a higher accuracy function in comparison to most off-the-shelf handheld thermometer scanners which eliminates multiple time-consuming manual body temperature screening processes.

By installing EWAR at the quarantine and treatment centre, the medical teams and frontliners will be able to smoothly and efficiently move through the screening process as the solution is able to rapidly mass screen between 10 – 15 individuals per second simultaneously. In addition, this solution would also allow them to reduce their manpower requirements.

Commenting on this latest initiative, Dr. Sharlene Thiagarajah, Chief Executive Officer, TM R&D said, “We are honoured to contribute to the fight against COVID-19. Installation of EWAR thermal cameras at MAEPS will help to facilitate contactless mass screening of the medical teams and front-liners which we believe will greatly increase the operational efficiency of the centre. The solution also requires minimal human supervision hence the medical teams can focus on their core duties of providing necessary treatment to the patrons at the centre.”

“EWAR is part of our continuous efforts in making a difference for the nation and several more are in the pipeline,” she added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Md. Anuar Abd Samad @ Mahmood, Director of Quarantine Centre for Low Risk COVID-19 at MAEPS said, “We are pleased to be working together with TM R&D in installing the EWAR thermal cameras. With the digital technology advancement that this solution provides, we believe this move bodes well with our strategy to enhance the facilities at MAEPS. Taking pro-active measures is important for us to accommodate the medical frontliners in treating the COVID-19 patients efficiently.”

EWAR also comes with cloud-based software and mobile application which makes this innovative solution unique. This feature enables all information captured by the camera to be shared and escalated in real-time to any relevant authorities for planning and emergency response purposes.

This component of EWAR is critical in minimising the need for human contact as the data is available in real-time which allows Ministry of Health (MOH) to remotely monitor the status especially during night time (non-peak hours) when the medical Team Leader may not be around.                                                                                         

With 300 in-house talents, TM R&D is determined to make a difference to the nation at large with innovative solutions and thought leadership for a better Malaysia. Growing from strength to strength since 2016, TM R&D has won seven (7) globally recognised awards over the last two (2) years for its innovations that cut across multiple verticals such as the Smart Retail Analytics and Smart Safety Helmet, all developed internally by local talents in TM R&D.

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