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What is TROIKA?

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TROIKA System (TROIKA) is a Digital Enabler Platform to accelerate the process of unservable demand requests and its infra by providing the best installation solution through its Next Best Action (NBA) suggestion. This solution was developed to comply with MCMC’s Jalinan Digital Negara (JENDELA) requirements and TM aspiration to capture and accelerate the ‘order to install’ process within 14 days.

TROIKA operates based on reactive and proactive actions resulting in the NBA suggestion for the demand request to be converted into an order through the Order Capture System. Upon identifying the NBA, it will immediately allocate infra resources for the requested demand so that it can be processed for order fulfilment and service provisioning.

Product Features


Network Inventory Resource Insight

TROIKA has visibility on the infra inventory and profile to provide NBA.


Next Best Action

TROIKA will provide immediate next best action by allocating infra resources or virtual infrastructure for the order capture system to create an order number.


Waiters’ Insight

Customers’ demand and its networking information are available within the system.


Data Management

The system also provides data management with filtering capabilities to automatically handle duplicate and insufficient information.


Operation team UI

The system has a comprehensive UI to support the operation by providing the demand records insight, downloadable reports and operation related functions.

“TROIKA increases operation team’s productivity and optimises the accuracy in providing the best deployment solution for high-speed broadband services”

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