Are you ready to revolutionise your network infrastructure and propel your organisation into the digital age? Introducing FALCON, an innovative solution developed by TM R&D to address the challenges of traditional LAN systems. Uncover the evolution of LAN technology and the rise of fibre LAN as well as the critical challenges faced by conventional LAN […]

Wireless communication has become a necessity for consumers nowadays as individuals from all walks of life are becoming more dependent on mobile devices in performing their daily activities. Coverage may be relatively easy for outdoor scenarios in well-populated areas. However, when it comes to indoor application there may be challenges. Find out more on SiERA,

We have applied cloud native solutions such as continuous deployment, containers and microservices to our products to improve operational efficiency. Now, edge containerization is the new adventure that TM R&D has embarked on to deliver smarter services to our customers. Let’s deep dive and see what the benefits of edge containerization are. Download

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