TM R&D collaborates with JPNS on the Central Forest Spine Programme

In line with our environmental sustainability agenda, TM R&D has collaborated with Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Selangor (JPNS), which oversees the potential implementation of the Central Forest Spine (CFS) Programme. The CFS Programme is a strategic and comprehensive initiative aimed at conserving and managing the country’s forest ecosystems.

In addition, TM R&D was appointed as the technology partner of the CFS-Selangor Task Force and a workshop was recently held at our office to develop an integrated dashboard for CFS-Selangor agencies. The integrated data collected through this dashboard will facilitate seamless tracking and monitoring of various activities namely wildlife and initiatives status. It also enables the study and analysis of forest conservation as well as rehabilitation within the CFS-Selangor area.

We also had the opportunity to showcase our varied solutions such as connected vehicle system, workforce management, data-driven helmet for workforce safety, smart water integrated management system, fixed wireless access connectivity, and a signal enhancer for remote areas. All aimed at driving smart forest and environment management as well as wildlife monitoring.


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