TM R&D has been internationally recognized for COWA Research

TM R&D has been internationally recognized for its technical excellence in Optical Wireless Applications. Thus far, TM R&D has been selected by the Industry Advisory Board (IAB) of NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Centre for Optical Wireless Applications (COWA) to provide technical guidance as an Industry Mentor to a new Georgia Tech project by Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, titled “Coordinated Multipoint (CoMP) Operation for Next-Generation All-band Cloud Radio Access Network”.

TM R&D with its strength and broad experiences in access technology successfully guided Georgia Tech to demonstrate an advanced CoMP technologies through a deployed radio-over-fibre (RoF) access network testbed for LTE and 5G mobile data networking applications. It has generated profound impacts for integrating both people-to-people and machine-to-machine communications platform for billions of data users in the era of Internet of Things.

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