TM R&D Inks MoU with Al-Quds University to Foster Industry-Academia Collaboration

Telekom Research & Development Sdn Bhd (TM R&D), the innovation arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), recently won the Innovative Tech Companies of the Year Award at the Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards (ACES) 2022, organised by MORS Group. The award was conferred to TM R&D in recognition of its transformative approach to software and technology, demonstrating that its tech innovations can lead to the creation of new approaches and prospects in the world.

Present to accept the award from Mr Luis Nieto, ACES Awards Jury and Ms Shanggari B., MORS Group CEO was Dr Sharlene Thiagarajah, Chief Executive Officer of TM R&D.

Commenting on the achievement, Dr Sharlene said, “This is indeed a proud moment for us and winning this award illustrates that we are on the right track. The transformative approach in our work will help propel Malaysia to be a nation of producers, not consumers. We believe that having the ability to produce is what will ensure food and job security for Malaysia and the world”.

TM R&D is a world-class R&D company that helps businesses solve operational issues and co-create solutions for the global market. It focuses on intelligent platforms, IR4.0 technologies and connectivity to create smarter business ecosystems. The company strives to stay relevant with new innovative solutions that the market cannot do without and takes on projects that provide multifold benefits to organisations.

Among its organisational strengths is having local in-house talents that can make, create and innovate as well as provide thought leadership on infrastructure for the future. Acknowledging that nurturing talent is crucial to the business, the company also offers emerging skills learning and development programs such as Artificial Intelligence, (AI) Machine Learning, Data Science & Analytics and Data Engineering for its employees.

As all of the products and solutions are developed in-house, TM R&D is able to customise its innovations based on customers’ needs – embracing the Group’s aspiration in becoming a human-centred tech company. Every product and solution that is developed contains embedded security, analytics and AI hence expanding its functionalities and delivering maximum benefits to the users.

For days to come, TM R&D’s main aspiration is to create and deliver the next Unicorn for TM and ultimately for Malaysia. To support this, they hold fast to the three pillars of their business; which are exploratory research, co-creation with industry, and commercialisation thus making life and business easier with smarter ecosystems to enrich humanity and bring progress to nations. The ACES awards recognise successful companies and individuals in Asia across two domains: leadership and sustainability. The awards value and recognise services and achievements of businesses of any nature respected for their contributions to their communities and the world.