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To be at the forefront of digital change, field services are currently undergoing a rapid transition towards automation to improve productivity. Managing a team of technicians or field personnel efficiently is one of the most operationally demanding responsibilities for most companies as it involves many variables. As everything is managed manually, it takes a tremendous amount of time and precision to keep track of the changes that could occur at any time.

Thanks to the widely used mobile technology, this innovation facilitates the streamlining of fieldwork which has now changed the way field services are being delivered and managed. Companies are using new tactics by harnessing mobile devices in order to increase the effectiveness of their operations.

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Companies are using new tactics by harnessing mobile devices in order to increase the effectiveness of their operations.

To fully embrace digital transformation and adopt a mobile-first approach, TM R&D has developed FORCE: Workforce Management System, an intelligent workforce management system that aims to provide operational efficiency and first-class customer experience by automating day-to-day tasks of the field team.

Understanding how FORCE elevates our work processes

This solution was designed to dispatch a field force team to the designated areas based on several criteria set by an automated assignment engine. Aside from enabling paperless job distribution and connectivity across several platforms, FORCE allows you to seamlessly digitise your workforce through:

1) Task scheduling

The automated service scheduling software is making it simpler for higher-ups to manage their staff. This method aids in selecting the right individuals for a specific field site since the machine considers the personnel's suitability and level of experience when selecting a specific place and assignment thus improving the efficiency of the entire process.

2) Team management

Every member of the team has access to the information needed to complete tasks efficiently. Team members can remotely track the status of all field activities, from billing to staffing with the help of FORCE. With this information in hand, project managers can accurately forecast project completion and make necessary adjustments to stay on schedule and within budget.


Team members can remotely track the status of all field activities, from billing to staffing, with the help of FORCE

3) Real-time updates

The constantly stressed-out project manager can unwind with FORCE. The use of FORCE enables real-time task assignment and monitoring, as well as the extraction of alerts and status updates. All of these duties are completed effortlessly as the project manager's app transforms into a virtual command and control centre with the employee version of the app into a repository and central source for all project-related information. 

The role of FORCE in your business

As businesses continue to increase and accelerate their digital transformation, looking into what advantage you have over your competitor by implementing the right solution is crucial. With FORCE, one undeniable benefit is improving the quality of customer service. By providing mobile apps for deskless workers,  they are now able to engage with clients in real time. Effective and fast, the experience for both workers and customers is improved as a result.

Professional adult Asian male warehouse manager and female worker are working together, checking their inventory in the warehouse or storehouse.

By providing mobile apps for deskless workers, they are now able to engage with clients in real time, fast and effectively.

FORCE also offers greater insights into an employee’s behaviour and productivity as it contains analytics features such as employees’ whereabouts, time stamps, and critical indicators of their work. With these data in hand, quick adjustments can be conducted to your mobile workforce management plan.

When your employees are supported by appropriate technology, communication becomes significantly easier. Instead of waiting for them to return to the office to receive updates, you may communicate with them while they are out and about, providing them with real-time information. With the freedom to stay connected, it lessens the possibility of isolation for remote workers and independent contractors.

Optimising Workforce Management System for your company

 Whether you own a small or large firm, you'll encounter hiring, retention, and monthly costs. The ideal tool to employ and get your business in order for the majority of organisations is a workforce management system. FORCE has proven to be a useful and intelligent tool not only because it has been tested and trialed for the past 7 years, but also because it focuses on specific solutions to challenges that businesses actually face on a daily basis.

FORCE is also an all-inclusive tool that aids operational teams and management in scheduling field personnel, assigning work orders, receiving continuous and rapid updates on the status as well as the progress of tasks completed on-site. With solutions like FORCE, businesses should seriously consider amping up their field service digitalisation efforts and achieve a lean and efficient operation while remaining competitive at the same time.

About TM R&D

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