Fulfil your ESG Goals through better Energy Management

It is becoming increasingly evident that being an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) centric business is important as investors today rely on ESG reporting when assessing a company's investment prospects. Enterprises can now achieve their ESG objectives by simply implementing an appropriate energy management system.

To do so, one of the main things these businesses need to do is to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions because a big portion of ESG focuses on the environmental effect an organisation makes in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, among other energy-related problems.

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An energy management system is a great tool for businesses trying to achieve their environmental objectives which also allows them to enforce and control user behaviour.

A universal business energy data platform called Enterprise Energy Management System (EENT) developed by TM R&D is capable of supporting a wide range of data types and sensor upstream systems. EENT is a unified electricity monitoring solution with multi-tenancy, advanced energy behaviour analytics, CO2 emission, warning mechanism, event tracking features, and gamification. It leverages the most recent IR 4.0 technology to collect data from several sensors to draw insights for energy savings.

This solution also delivers comprehensive information for Energy Savings Measures (ESM) activities that will result in increased energy cost savings and have a significant influence on climate change.

Let’s further explore what are the benefits of implementing Enterprise Energy Management System (EENT) in your business:

1. Improved Health & Productivity

 The ability to manage every component of your building's energy performance, including the lighting and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, gives you the opportunity to provide your personnel with a comfortable place to work. According to reports, 60% of workers are unhappy with the temperature and lighting in their workplaces, which has a negative impact on productivity overall and affects at least 90% of workers over the course of a year.

The energy management system can assist in lowering the carbon footprint of your facility by putting energy-saving practices in place. As more individuals become environmentally aware on a global scale, upgrading your building's energy management is a more contemporary way to raise employees happiness.

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Upgrading your building's energy management is a contemporary way to raise employee happiness

2. Return-on-Investment (ROI)

 All businesses and operators can benefit from lower energy costs, and EENT is a key tool to achieve significant savings. Energy Management Systems (EMS) frequently have built-in cost-saving functions including offering revenue-generating programmes, emitting less power during peak times, and spotting any potential energy leaks. After the initial installation cost of an EMS, these advantages alone will allow you to experience an almost instant return on investment.

To boost ROI, business owners should install solutions that are tailored to their specific building demands. For instance, long-term energy demands for healthcare facilities like hospitals may be higher than for educational institutions like schools, which may use more energy during the day and less at night.

3. The EENT platform is compatible with any energy monitoring smart meter

 Due to its support for numerous sensors and a variety of data sources, the EENT system is particularly beneficial for office buildings, skyscrapers, and data centres. The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) measures are automatically calculated for data centres and large buildings, freeing up building managers' time to focus on more worthwhile tasks like energy conservation. Since the EENT system enables a gamification approach to compare the performance of each building, organisations that own many buildings at various locations stand to gain the most from it.

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EENT system is particularly beneficial for office buildings, skyscrapers, and data centres, which enables building managers to focus on more worthwhile tasks like energy conservation.

Simply said, a better future must begin with energy management

Businesses are increasingly incorporating ESG concepts, but for this to be successful, commitment is needed at all levels. It is important for businesses to understand that all stakeholders will benefit from a stronger evolving ESG strategy when sustainability efforts are more visible and transparent.

Managing a building's energy use for instance, could reveal inefficiencies like overheating an unoccupied space or equipment that is losing too much heat as a result of a potential malfunction. By identifying the issues, improvements can be made such as doing maintenance on equipment that is using energy inefficiently, contributing to energy savings.

With that, energy efficiency should be regarded as a strategic business priority because energy and environmental concerns are increasingly having an impact on a company's bottom line. Implementing an energy management system like EENT that is incorporated into an organisation's culture will not only result in significant cost savings, but will also turn energy management into a self-sustaining and ever-improving endeavour.

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