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Analytics of Customer Experience: A smart retail analytics solution that aims to boost sales and brand loyalty

November 9, 2021

Retailers in today’s challenging environment need to innovate and ensure that their storefront is more attractive and compelling to attract consumers. In addition, they also need to find out how customer’s experience can be further enhanced or risk losing out to the competition. Find out how Analytics of Customer Experience (ACE) functions to give retailers actionable insights that can potentially boost sales and brand loyalty by supporting customised services, targeted advertising and visitor visibility.

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The Internet of Water: Utilising the power of Massive IoT to modernise and improve efficiencies in the water industry

October 1, 2021

The popularity of large scale, low cost and low power applications have spurred the growth of what is known today as Massive IoT. SWIMS by TM R&D is an example of such application. A holistic Massive IoT ecosystem for the water industry consisting of a water distribution network, wireless connectivity, IoT platform and end user application layer. Find out more on how SWIMS can help utility players, particularly water operators to improve productivity, save revenue, and add valuable features that could potentially modernise how water operators work in the future.

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TM R&D OiP: Going digital needs the right strategic model, process and platforms to succeed

Open Platforms: A Holistic Way to Digitalisation

September 20, 2021

Digitalisation is certainly an important topic that many organisations, large or small cannot afford to ignore, especially in these extraordinary times we live in. Organisations involved in digitalisation must not only have the right strategy and process but also the right tools and platforms to ensure success. Find out more on what are the key ingredients needed for the successful implementation of digitalisation.

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OIP - Driving Digital Transformation via Standardised Open API

Driving Digital Transformation via Standardised Open API

August 27, 2021

Organisations need to change in order to continue to challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure. These changes have led companies to expedite digitisation on their operations in order to strive and survive. Find out more on how companies are able to accelerate digitisation via Standardised Open Application Programming Interface (API).

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Fast Internet for All : Enabling Digital Inclusion

August 23, 2021

Internet accessibility has become more and more crucial with millions of homes serving as both office and classroom during the Covid-19 pandemic. Malaysia has also recently acknowledged that the internet is the third most important utility after water and electricity. FIRA is an innovative solution from TM R&D that offers a better internet service to the underserved community especially in the rural areas. Find out more on how FIRA is able to provide high speed broadband service anywhere and anytime, bridging the network connectivity gap using a faster and cost-effective method.

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The Resistive Coupling Phenomena & Surge Protection Device (SPD)

July 30, 2021

Resistive coupling is the most common cause of lightning-induced surges that may result in devastating damages to the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). The full adoption of ITU-T K.21 standards may not be sufficient without taking into consideration the surge protection device (SPD) installation and proper earthing system as well as bonding configuration as mentioned in ITU-T K.66. Find out more on the significance of SPD installation and how it protects your premises against lightning-induced surges.

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EWAR: Early Warning, Alerts and Response

EWAR: Early Warning, Alerts and Response

July 29, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has spread to the rest of the world, causing a huge impact on the global economy, social and mental health. EWAR developed by TM R&D, goes beyond a traditional contactless temperature screening solution, bringing powerful capabilities of screening large crowds and a host of other video analytics based applications. Find out how it can help to keep your business running smoothly and provide a peace of mind!

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CENTURION: Self-service security scan automation

CENTURION: Self-service security scan automation

July 26, 2021

In today’s challenging technology driven world, Malaysians are now more concerned about cyber security issues like data breaches, scams and worse, hackers! Thus, knowing how to protect our information more securely and instantaneously has become extremely vital. Centurion is a “self-service security scan automation” that provides code check-up against vulnerabilities and many other threats. Find out how it can help and provide peace of mind!

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5G Security – Nothing New but Need to Care

April 21, 2021

5G promises to start a revolution that goes far beyond faster browsing and clearer calls. Its service implementation and use will lead to greater number of connections as well as larger amount of data being transferred providing greater opportunities for hackers to find a way in. Find out the importance of 5G and security and what telecom providers need to consider when implementing 5G services.

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