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Can satellite broadband be the answer?

November 14, 2022

Satellite technology is not new in today’s world of connectivity. Among the popular application of satellites include weather forecasting, media broadcasting, imaging, geo-positioning, telemetry, and data communication. Recently, the concept of satellite constellation has become a hot topic whereby it is said that such technology is capable of addressing internet access challenges in deep rural areas. Find out whether the satellite is the game changer in connecting the world without boundaries.

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Next-generation PON: Taking fiber network to the next level

October 21, 2022

The challenge towards digitalisation and transformation of the current technology has motivated telecom operators to work on the development of the next-generation FTTH. The next-generation passive optical networks (NG-PONs) are the natural development of PONs toward achieving higher data rates, larger counts of wavelength channels, and longer fiber ranges. Find out how TM R&D explores multi-technology to bring a variety of innovations for telecom operators leading to optimised network management.

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Data Pipeline: Unlocking the power of data for better business decisions

August 29, 2022

Data in the 21st century is the engine that runs many companies today, yet it remains an immensely, untapped valuable asset. Considering the need for more data-driven companies, embracing and successfully managing data is essential. Find out how a data pipeline enables deeper analytics by extracting, processing, and delivering disparate datasets thus deriving the greatest value for decision makers.

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PATROL: Preventing outages and securing assets with AI

August 19, 2022

In today’s era of big data and connected devices of all varieties, artificial intelligence (AI) has found ways to improve operations and management of information technology services, systems and networks. Find out how our innovative solution PATROL uses AI to detect possible construction sites that could cause fiber cut incidents – the reason for most service interruptions. In addition, learn about Computer Vision which is one of the data science domains that TM R&D is exploring and expanding use cases from satellite imaging, drone to robotics.

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Exploring The Twelve-Factor App Methodology

July 28, 2022

The “Twelve-Factor App” methodology is fast becoming the de facto standard for offering cloud-native applications. Hence, this white paper targets application developers to adopt the Twelve-Factor manifesto for building applications that ensures speed, reliability, agility, and portability. Find out how this approach will ultimately result in a robust and reliable application.

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Software Quality : A Lynchpin For Success

July 4, 2022

Quality is an important factor when it comes to any product or service as it outlines and provides guidance and objectives. We at TM R&D understand that quality control is a product-oriented process whereas quality assurance is a process-oriented practice. Quality Control ensures that the end product meets the quality requirements while Quality Assurance ensures that the process of the product or service adheres to standards. Find out more on what should be done in today’s agile software development world to maintain QA and how TM R&D’s “Software Functional Quality” model helps.

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CAD Technology for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

May 26, 2022

CAD technology has helped the industry as well as TM R&D in its past and present journey. Being aware and mindful of this technology will ensure that one will never be left behind in the digital transformation journey. Find out how CAD technology supports digital transformation exploration through involvement in digital content production and modernisation of upcoming systems.  

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Smart streetlight: IoT use case & lessons learned

January 17, 2022

The Internet of Things or IoT is growing in importance and it is making our lives better and easier in so many ways. Today, many organisations are integrating IoT devices into their network infrastructures, increasing the IoT use cases in the coming years. Find out how TM R&D harness the power of IoT and pioneered the design and testing of a Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) IoT use case in Malaysia.

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Electronic Permit to Work (ePTW) : An innovative, cloud-based solution designed to systematically help permit management

December 23, 2021

Any company will need a permit to work system for their fellow workers in order to ensure that tasks are properly planned and implemented, especially if the nature of work is particularly hazardous or poses significant risks. Find out more on TM R&D’s Smart Work Permit System suitable to be used to improve productivity, safety, and efficiency of frontline operations.

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Convergence of Big Data & AI: Evaluating Network Health Performance

December 7, 2021

Big Data and AI are seen as significant solutions that could provide faster response and action through automation as well as taking proactive measures. TM and TM R&D have taken a step forward by investing in the power of Big Data Analytics and AI to develop a centralised smart analytic system in overcoming operational challenges contributing to a better customer experience.

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