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Redefining the water industry with SWIMS

By TM R&D | December 8, 2022

The world may have an abundance of water but more than 99% of it is unusable by humans and many other living things. The rest, known as freshwater, is for our consumption and can only be found on the surface of lakes, rivers and swamps. Water scarcity is a pressing issue and this stunning realisation […]

5G and IoT: The perfect combo to accelerate businesses capacity

By TM R&D | November 9, 2022

As we all know, the fifth-generation mobile network, or 5G, is the next step in wireless technology. It’s the fifth generation of wireless networks, following 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. With the advent of 5G, a new sort of network is now made possible, one that aims to link together not only people and their […]

ACE, Customer Service with a Personal Touch

By TM R&D | October 21, 2022

Customer service has evolved from being solely about the product to the service and now, to the experience felt by the buyer. Initially being sectorised to certain channels like the telephone or mail, today it encompasses a huge variety of methods which includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, as well as pre-emptive solutions and suggestions […]

Redefining Safety with Smart Helmet

By TM R&D | October 5, 2022

Over the years, industrial settings have endured immense changes in terms of growth in scale, use of machinery, and diversification. At the same time, accident risks in places like construction sites are increasing and occupational accidents are happening every year. While personal protective equipment (PPE) is helpful in many situations, a confluence of factors are […]

Fulfil your ESG Goals through better Energy Management

By TM R&D | September 26, 2022

It is becoming increasingly evident that being an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) centric business is important as investors today rely on ESG reporting when assessing a company’s investment prospects. Enterprises can now achieve their ESG objectives by simply implementing an appropriate energy management system. To do so, one of the main things these businesses […]

When IoT becomes a Gamechanger for Utility Companies

By TM R&D | September 13, 2022

The current landscape of companies these days is on a rapid course of transformation as the implementation of technology is now accelerating and driving higher efficiency while tapping into bigger opportunities across the board. Digital technologies that were deemed too expensive or impossible have now been catapulted into being one of the most important additions […]

Edge Computing & 5G: The potential of a winning formula

By TM R&D | August 10, 2022

The world has entered into an age where data, information systems and devices are all connected so intrinsically that hyperconnectivity is now proving to be the future. Looking at the evolution of the fifth-generation wireless (5G) technology for example, it may be tantalising to stream and download files on a mobile device quicker, but that’s […]

Elevate frontline operators safety and productivity level by going digital

By TM R&D | July 28, 2022

Industrial work sites are full of risks from welding sparks to corrosive chemicals, energetic electrical conductors, confined spaces or loose valve fittings, the list goes on and on. Sometimes, a ‘little’ incident can turn into a hazardous one if not handled properly and with care. In managing and approving the permit-to-work process, frontline operators usually […]

Saying hello to a smarter business with artificial intelligence (AI), a step-by-step guide

By TM R&D | June 29, 2022

There was a time when our television screen came alive with human-like robots performing the most outrageous of stunts, while tales of machines taking over the world took our imaginations far away, bringing to life the concept of artificial intelligence (AI). Chances are you’ve read about AI as a technology, transforming our every walk of […]

Tips for enterprises on making artificial intelligence (AI) work for ESG and sustainability

By TM R&D | June 13, 2022

Digital transformation results in fundamental changes to the way a business operates. For many small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the driver for digital transformation is cost-related. The costs and complexities associated with digital transformation involve a large number of Malaysian SMEs. However, they mistakenly assumed that it is something that should only be run by […]

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